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The dates of Lunches and Speakers are below, which are held at The Banstead Downs Golf Club. The 2 Ladies Lunches are held at the Kingswood Golf Club, Kingswood. We meet at midday. Please note the date change in July to the second Wednesday of the month.


7 March 2018 No Speaker Annual General Meeting at The Chalk Lane Hotel, Epsom

4 April 2018 by Beryl Smith on Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance at Banstead Downs Golf Club

2 May 2018 Ladies Lunch at Kingswood Golf Club. No Speaker.

6 June 2018 by Peter Thompson on When I was at the Bar

11 July 2018 by Dr Colin Summerhayes on Melting Ice – Rising Seas : Antarctica and Climate Change.

1 August 2018 by Ian Whittle on Genesis of the Jet

5 September 2018 by John Lyon on Secret Classrooms – A Window on the Cold War

3 October 2018 by Stephen Chater – Ruin, Wren and Renewal – Fire of London

7 November 2018 by Nicholas Owen – Half a Century in the Media

5 December 2018 Ladies Lunch at Kingswood Golf Club – No Speaker

2 January 2019 by John Field on The Amazing World of Magic

6 February 2019 by Peter Durrant on The History and Humour of Fleet Street

5 March 2019 Annual  General Meeting – No Speaker