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The dates of Lunches and Speakers are below, which are held at The Chalk Lane Hotel, Epsom and the 2 Ladies Lunches are held at the Kingswood Golf Club, Kingswood. We meet at midday.

5 April 2017 by Tom Allam on Costa Concordia

3 May 2017 No Speaker Ladies Lunch at Kingswood Golf Club

7 June 2017 by Neil Hunt on Tales from the Top Table

5 July 2017 by David & Lyn Skillen on The Bentley Boys - The Playboy Racers

2 August 2017 by Sheila Wills on Poisonous Plots in Fact and Fiction

6 September 2017 by Rupert Matthews on Myths and Legends  of the First World War

4 October 2017 by Susan Purcell on History and Compilation of Dictionaries

1 November 2017 by Peter Nelson on The City of London Today - A Force for Good

6 December 2017 No Speaker Ladies Lunch at Kingswood Golf Club

3 January 2018 by Gary Wykes on Treasures of the Tower

7 February 2018 by Jonathan Jones on Role of the Town Crier Something to Shout About

7 March 2018 No Speaker Annual General Meeting